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What is Nurse Coaching?

I had a discussion with someone the other day while gathering research from people in the world. When I started talking about my nurse coaching business I heard the reply, "But I'm not a nurse." I realized that the title nurse coach isn't exactly doing it justice. More often than not, I get that response from people. To be honest, when I first started researching it, I thought along the same lines: that it was coaching for nurses. And while some coaches may pursue a business doing just that, many aim to help the general population. Some nurse coaches help with a multitude of chronic conditions (think diabetes, COPD, chronic pain, etc), while others may have a focus on more nutrition or fitness, or both! Some nurses use alternative modalities like essential oils or have additional certifications like personal training or a nutrition certification. No matter the niche or things they include in their coaching, the reason is always the same: to help patients be successful in achieving their goals and being their best self.

How many times have you gone into the doctor's office to have them tell you that you need to lose weight or improve your eating so that your diabetes/cholesterol/weight doesn't continue to worsen? How many times have you been able to get real clarification on what healthy eating or fitness should look? How many times has someone taken the time to ask what that picture looks like for you right now with the resources that you currently have at your fingertips? I know that it's not often, because I work in that setting. That's not to bash the doctors that I work with at all. They're knowledgeable, caring, well versed in what they do, but truth be told, doctors don't get much education in the way of nutrition period. All that schooling and nutrition just gets touched on briefly. That's where coaching can help. We can look at what your goal is, what resources you have, and how we can use those to accomplish what you want to achieve. I want to know what your picture of healthy eating or fitness looks like so that we can get you to where you want to be in the long run.

Nurse coaching gives you the space to be truly listened to. Deeply listened to, not just heard. So often we only hear people. We hear them talking, sometimes responding with what resonates with us, what maybe connects to something in our own lives. But in a coaching session, you're listened to. You're asked about more details about something you said, a way you reacted to something that you said as you said it, more insight about a miniscule detail within a seemingly lengthy story. When you're able to be listened to on that level, it allows you insight into yourself and your own story in a way you never imagined. You're able to find your own truths and determine how you can make the changes necessary to meet your goals. Some people liken it to counseling, but coaching focuses on the present and future rather than the past. We look at right now and what you want further down the road, not so much on what happened before. And, if looking to the past and addressing those issues seems it may be appropriate, then we can discuss resources to establish with someone that can help with that.

Nurses are a wealth of knowledge and skill with big hearts full of love and compassion and an innate desire to help others. Nurse coaches are those same nurses and they are craving the time to spend with you to craft a way to get you to what is most deeply desired--a healthy lifestyle crafted by YOU. Because you know you best, and together we can help you get to that best version of yourself.

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