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What Clients Have Said

I knew before our first meeting that I was probably about to give my new nurse coach a ‘run for her money’.  I am so grateful that Coach Nicole was always able to track with my many directional changes, and, without exception, to remain one step ahead with the most intuitive reflections or unique questions that she could bring out of just a moment’s consideration.
I felt like a colossal failure in an important area of life, that is time management and stewardship of that valuable gift of time.  She was able to coach me in such a fashion that I began to recognize the ways in which I had already been successful, then use those experiences as a springboard to tackle the next challenge.
Coach Nicole’s sense of confidence in the process, and in me, helped keep a steady level of enthusiasm alive.  Previously dreaded tasks became adventurous.  
Today I have an ordered ‘scriptorium’ where I can focus on writing and just feeling at peace.  I have a new and innovative approach to managing a schedule that has so many moving parts.  And, I was able to witness the magic of nurse coaching.  It truly is an art and a science.  Nicole has an innate capacity for both.


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