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Wholistic Life Group

Feeling like things just don't seem to be clicking?  The weight won't come off, your eating isn't great, you're always tired, and you just don't have that oomph?  

Whole Life Group coaching is a space for you to express all those feelings and more.  Together with myself and your small group members, we'll dive into your current diet, movement practices, your awareness level, and figure out how we can keep momentum going in the right direction.


Schedule a call today to see if this is the right space for you.

Whole Life Group


Accountability, great resources, life changing experiences, newfound friendships, and all 8 group sessions (plus the one-on-one sessions with me) for only $799.  Let's see how fulfilling life can be!


How many times will we meet?
8 total group meetings plus 2 one-on-one sessions.

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